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Fused / Infused Olive Oils

  • Spicy-Chipotle


    Fused / Infused Oils

    The smoky flavor of this chili-infused oil is great for marinating steaks and brushing on grilled chicken or seafood.  Drizzle over vegetables or pizza for a spicy meal. … $10.99 Select Options
  • Black Truffle Oil

    Black Truffle Oil

    Fused / Infused Oils

    This late fall, early winter truffle is used in the making of this savory oil.  A ‘tea method’ is utilized which steeps the ripe truffles for extended periods of time in olive… $9.99 Select Options
  • Harissa


    Fused / Infused Oils

    Hot!  Has a bit of a heat index ranging around medium in intensity.  Pairs well with Pineapple or Peach Balsamic.  Drizzle it over scrambled eggs, Pork Chops, or use… $10.99 Select Options
  • Butternut Squash Seed Oil

    Butternut Squash Seed Oil

    Fused / Infused Oils

    This is an all -natural, expeller-pressed, unrefined oil for flavoring or finishing uses.  It is pure oil made from the first pressing of 100% non-GMO butternut squash seeds.&… $7.99 Select Options
  •  Butter Olive Oil

    Butter Olive Oil

    Fused / Infused Oils

    This creamy extra virgin olive oil is naturally infused with the rich flavor of butter.  Use this golden, vegetarian, dairy free olive oil as a butter substiture in baking or … $10.99 Select Options