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Save $1.00 per bottle on most of the Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars when shopping on line.  Just a little bonus for the on line shopper!  

Whether you buy in our store or online, your purchase is helping our small business - and we truly appreciate it! Although we haven't figured out a way to let you taste our products through the Internet, we still strive to provide the same service you'd expect by walking into  any one of our 3 stores.

Online, we offer 6 of our most popular gift packs, plus individual bottles of many of our popular olive oils and balsamics. Feel free to browse our products by clicking the links in the left column, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Keep this in mind when shipping:

We can ship up to 6 of our 200ml bottles in one box and the cost is the same as shipping one bottle!

We can also ship up to 4 of our 375ml bottles in one box with the cost the same as ordering one bottle for shipping.  The 375ml bottle  is the better value for your dollar.....for only $5.00 dollars more a bottle you are getting almost twice the amount of product per bottle.

It is possible to combine the size bottles in one box for shipping but with the combinations of sizes we cannot do more than 4 bottles in one box. 

Thank you for visiting Crystal City Olive Oil!